Highway Robbery is a good thing with the new T8 Twin-Engine Volvo XC90

Somewhere, there's a room full of Volvo engineers laughing. Today, Volvo released its "Highway Robbery" video, a promo for its new T8 twin-engine XC90. Designed as a seven-seat SUV powered by both gasoline and electricity, Volvo was faced with the task of showing off this uniquely capable SUV. And they did so in the cheekiest way possible.

Designing a hybrid SUV with 400 horsepower under the hood is no small feat, so Volvo wanted to show drivers how to get the most out of their cars…by getting the most out of other people's cars! Designing a charging station that is powered by other vehicles driving on a stretch of highway out in California was Volvo's answer. Not only was this a fun, and unique way to show off their new vehicle, the system worked fantastically well, allowing the XC90 to essentially "recycle" the energy used by other vehicles.

Of course, it's charging capabilities are just the first in a long line of awesome features of the new XC90. While it hasn't shipped out yet, we simply couldn't wait to show this to you. If you'd like more information on this upcoming XC90, visit us today at Volvo Cars Marin.

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