Volvo Pairs with Microsoft to Bring a Connected Drive

As we move into 2016, we can expect a lot of different exciting things and that includes a lot of new technology on vehicles. Already, Volvo has shown us one, which lets you feel a bit like Knight Rider in the process.

When you use the Microsoft Band 2, you can pair it up with a Volvo like the XC90, you are able to send a variety of commands to the vehicle from the band, including data, and the ability to start up the car, and the heat, among other features. The way we connect to vehicle now is simply amazing, and perhaps soon enough, they'll talk just like KITT did on the TV show, and we can all be David Hasselhoff, which is always a positive.

If you want to learn more about the wealth of technology found on new Volvo vehicles, feel free to stop in and see us today. We'd be happy to discuss them all here at Volvo Marin in Corte Madera, CA and arrange test drives.

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