Volvo Joins Climate Savers Program and Agrees to Dramatically Lower Carbon Emissions

Nobody appreciates the green lifestyle like we do in the San Francisco area. Ecology-minded drivers flock to our Corte Madera showroom to shop new Volvo hybrids for their combination of luxury and fuel efficiency.

Did you know Volvo is doing much more for the environment than simply adding hybrid powertrains to its lineup?

Volvo Group is the only automaker in the world to join the Climate Savers program run by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF). Participating companies must agree to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions to a target set by the WWF. These goal emissions reflect numbers needed to slow the damage of climate change -- and the commitment sets Volvo apart as an industry leader in environmental stewardship.

Of course, Volvo has been a leader not only in safety, but in environmentalism from the beginning. A big chapter in the story of Volvo's history is the use of oxygen detectors in the Volvo 240. This industry-first innovation cut exhaust emissions by up to 90 percent when it debuted in the 1970's.

Visit Volvo Cars Marin to learn more about what you can do to leave behind a smaller carbon footprint when you drive.

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