Improve the Fuel Efficiency of Your Volvo: Part 1

As we go about our daily drives, fuel efficiency is definitely something we all keep in mind. Volvo Cars Marin would like to offer Madera drivers some tips to make their drives a little more fuel efficient. Try some of these with your Volvo:

  • Extra weight from luggage means extra power is needed from your engine. Try limiting yourself to only what you need for your trip.
  • Strapping luggage to the roof can cut down your highway efficiency by as much as 10 mpg. Buy an aerodynamic roof top cargo box to help.
  • The faster you go on the highway, the harder your engine has to work to break the wind resistance. If you have some extra time in your schedule, slow it down a bit.
  • The health of your engine plays a vital role in your fuel efficiency. Stick to your routine oil and filter change schedule to keep your engine clean, and running more efficiently.

When it's time for an oil change, bring your vehicle into our Service Center. Our technicians would be happy to help keep your Volvo healthy, and running as efficiently as possible. Remember to check our Service Specials before you come. Schedule an appointment today.

Want more tips? Come back next week for more ways to improve your fuel efficiency!

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