Volvo S60 Technology Features

The Volvo S60 is a luxury sedan that is available at Volvo Cars Marin. This vehicle is built with the reliability and durability that people have come to expect from vehicles manufactured by Volvo. Volvo's designers have equipped the S60 with important technology features.

The Volvo S60 is equipped with auto dimming mirrors inside and out. When it is dark outside, the two side mirrors and the rear-view mirror will cut down the headlight glare from vehicles who are following you. This keeps your vision from being impaired while driving so that you will be able to drive in a safe manner.

Another important safety technology found on the Volvo S60 is the Park Assist rear camera. This camera allows you to clearly and completely see what is behind you when you are backing into a parking place. It is also useful if you are backing down a long driveway.



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