Luxury, yeah that's something the V90 has. Popularity, yeah that's another thing this Volvo wagon has in spades, but the reason all this is possible is because Volvo knew what customers wanted. Its performance features make it something to talk about.

All-Wheel Drive

The features on the V90 are pretty impressive, and the all-wheel drive is just one of them. The feature makes it safer to drive on roads that are not well kept or roads affected by various weather conditions. The feature gives you more control and better handling. For a luxury model, this vehicle has a lot of smart and practical features.


The stop/start feature puts the V90 on a whole new level. We thought Volvo couldn't impress us anymore, but we were wrong because this feature not only saves gas; it also helps the environment. The engine intuitively stops the engine from burning fuel while idling and starts it up again without you even noticing. This is a feature you need to experience.

Hopefully, these features help you see why you should take this vehicle for a test drive, and take this wagon out for some fun on the streets of Corte Madera that we know so well.



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