When it comes to driving today, you want to have a car that has a mixture of modern audio and technology features. That is what you will find is now available with the Volvo S60. As a popular luxury compact sedan, you will discover that this is a car that is fun to drive and ride in.

If you have ever been hesitant to try and park in a tight space, the Volvo S60 will give you the confidence that you need. The park assist pilot feature is now included standard on this sedan. It will measure the space you are trying to get into and then it will park the car for you automatically.

The Apple CarPlay is now included as a standard feature on the Volvo S60 as well. This is a way to really make use of your iPhone and all of its many capabilities. Just plug it in and watch the car do the rest. Check it out as you test drive this luxury sedan at Volvo Cars Marin.

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