The Volvo XC60 is simply cut from a different piece of automotive cloth. This luxury SUV is generally compact in size, but it provides a good amount of cargo space. Its outer façade is simply astounding thanks to its near-perfect dimensions and razor-sharp detail. Check out some of the available interior features by reading below.

Advanced innovations are in abundance with the XC60. Volvo has equipped this cabin with a plethora of advanced technologies. The vehicle's touchscreen display is 9 inches in size. You can select specific apps, answer phone calls or read messages by simply touching the screen. Thanks to 4G LTE Wi-Fi, your passengers can check emails, watch videos or visit social media sites. The 12.3-inch instrument cluster is engaging as it displays a ton of information. There's also premium audio as well as smartphone integration.

This only touches the surface for what you can achieve, so head over to our showroom for a more in-depth discussion.


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