Improve the Fuel Efficiency of Your Volvo: Part 2

Our last post shared some ways you can improve the fuel efficiency of your Volvo. Well, we here at Volvo Cars Marin are back with some more fuel efficient tips for Madera drivers:

  • When you follow a vehicle closely, you find yourself braking and reaccelerating more often with their speed changes. Every time you reaccelerate, your engine uses more fuel. Increase your following distance to give yourself more space to coast when they slow down, and then you won't need to reaccelerate as much.
  • Your engine is the least efficient when it's cold. If you have a series of errands to run, don't take a break between them. Combine them into one trip to keep your engine warmed up and running efficiently.
  • When your tires are underinflated, unevenly worn, or need replacing, it takes more effort from your engine to keep them rolling. Regularly check your tire pressure, and keep up with your routine tire rotations and balancing. If it's time, spring for a new set.

When you need a new set of tires, visit the Volvo Online Tire Store on our website. Find the perfect set for your Volvo. And when it's time to have your tires rotated and balanced, you know where to schedule an appointment: our Service Center.

Try out the above tips, and experience a more fuel efficient drive in your Volvo!

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