When you're driving, excellent visibility is about more than admiring the view. Seeing well is necessary for safe driving. At Volvo Cars Marin, we want to help you stay safe on the road. The following information will help you decide when to change your wiper blades.

When you're driving down San Rafael, CA streets and your wipers squeak, you need to replace your blades. Noisy wiping indicates that the blade isn't evenly contacting your windshield. Such inefficient function also causes smudges or skipped areas on your windshield. No matter how they clean, it would be best if you always replaced frayed or torn blades.

Although it seems like a simple task, changing windshield wipers requires skill. If they're not firmly attached to the metal wiper arm, the wiper arm can badly scratch your windshield. The Volvo Cars Marin service team can quickly and properly change your wiper blades.

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