How to Return your lease

How To Return Your Lease

A Guide for Your Volvo Lease Vehicle Return

After driving your leased vehicle from Volvo Cars Marin for two or three years, you may notice it is time for the lease to end. If you haven't used a lease before this, you will most likely question how the return procedures will play out. Fortunately, Volvo has a lease-end schedule to prepare San Rafael, CA car buyers, for the return. Here is what you should expect.

90 days

Months before the end of the lease, Marin drivers can start researching how you want to proceed. This is the perfect time to explore options for leasing another vehicle or purchasing the one you have driven.

Purchase: You may have become attached to the vehicle that you currently have. So, you may want to buy it rather than returning it to the dealership. In this case, you should check your agreement or contact a Volvo dealer to determine the car's buyout amount.

Start New: As your lease ends, there may be incentives offered on a new Volvo that would be great to get. Along with this, the dealers could offer extra perks that make a fresh start worthwhile. To know how well this could work for you, review the lease and sale specials online and then schedule test drives for the cars that interest you.

60 days

When you initially started the lease for the vehicle, you agreed to pay for any excessive damage, which means more than what happens in normal wear and tear. The dealership will contact you to set up an inspection at no cost to you.

Appointment: To make the inspection more convenient for you, a representative from Volvo can arrange it at your office, home, or any place that you feel comfortable.

Repairs: Once the inspection is complete, you will receive an account of what you should repair. Because the inspector may give you repairs to make, it's important to meet as early as possible. You will then have enough time to schedule the repairs with a Volvo  Cars Marin before the lease has ended. Also, remember to keep your receipts as a record of the work getting done.

30 days

During the final month of your lease, schedule a meeting with the dealership to turn the vehicle back.

You should set this up in advance rather than showing up unannounced. The Volvo dealer can prepare ahead to provide you with a smooth experience. We want to be ready to answer any questions, or concerns you may have.

Location: Many people believe you must go back to the dealer that began the lease process. But our Volvo Cars Marin can take returned leases despite where they started.

Return: Before bringing the vehicle in for the return, remove any personal objects. Also, grab all the keys, fobs, manuals, spare tire, or tire sealant kit that came with the car so you can return those items.


The last meeting to turn in your vehicle can be a bittersweet experience. You had this vehicle for quite a time, and now you have to say goodbye. 

Receipts: Bring in copies of your repair receipts to show you made the adjustments suggested in the inspection. Plus, remember to add your VIN and account number to every copy.

Ending Payments: If your account still has payment remaining, you are responsible for getting them made even after the vehicle is brought back. Also, within a couple of weeks of the time you turned your Volvo in, you will receive an invoice for fees resulting from excess wear and use.

As your end-of-lease plan progresses, you can contact us at any point. The staff at Volvo Cars Marin near San Francisco, is ready to answer questions and assist in any way.


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