A few of our San Rafael, CA Volvo Cars Marin team members own the Volvo V90, claiming it as their all-time favorite wagon. From our test drives, we totally understand why. The cabin feels and looks like a posh yacht lounge, with rich materials, plenty of room, the latest tech, and trend-forward safety features.

Helping You Stay in Your Lane

If you happen to stray toward the road's edge for any reason, the Volvo V90 activates its Run-Off Road Mitigation System. The system senses sudden, unintentional lane-drifting, issuing slight assistance with steering and braking to guide you back into your lane. We call that a major catastrophe avoided.

Volvo Takes to the Clouds

The Volvo V90 has access to cloud-based communications that include real-time updates on traffic conditions and road scenarios ahead of you. The system gives you a strategic advantage when planning your morning commute or a major weekend excursion. Armed with the cloud-based info, you can adapt your routes and schedules to get to your destination quickly, safely, and headache-free.

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